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High Lane Parks Group

We currently have three parks in High Lane Village, Stockport.
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About our parks

Brookside, High Lane & Windlehurst

Our parks are based in High Lane, Stockport and come under the control of Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council. We have three parks spaced throughout the village of varying sizes with varying play equipment. They are - Brookside Park, High Lane Park & Windlehurst Park.

High Lane park is the largest of the three parks suitable for all ages. It contains an enclosed area for smallers children along with larger equipment and a skate park. The park also has a large football pitch and is home to High Lane Village Hall. you can read more HERE

Brookside Park is our second largest park situated adjecent to Brookside Primary School. The park features an enclosed area for younger children along with a large playing field and a BMX track. You can read more HERE

Windlehurst Park was recently been refurbished in 2014. Designed for children 4-8 years old and is based around a small wooden trim trail with a tunnel. Windlehurst Park is probably one of the best parks to have a picnic and watch the sunset in Stockport. You can read more HERE

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High Lane Parks

Get involved

All three parks are ran by a local team of dedicated 'friends'.
The Friends of High Lane Parks are always looking for ideas, help, and involvment from the community. If you have any spare time and want to preserve these 'always at risk' greenspaces for our future generations then please get in touch. We have regular meetings you can attend and all three parks run their own Facebook pages.

Please see our individual park pages for contact details.

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Some photos of our parks
If you have taken any photos enjoying the park and would like to share them, please send them to our Facebook Page